Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Goal of Postmos

Our group is a grassroots group.  It has been put together by people who volunteer to the idea that people who have left Mormonism need a place to meet others who have left.  The secondary goal is that not many people are aware of groups like this, and our goal is to be very public so that people who need the support can find people in similar situations.  After those of us have covered from our initial leaving, many of us stick around to help others through the process and because we like the other people who we have met.  I don't know the future of this group, but it has been extremely rewarding to me to have been part of it.  It has been enjoyable to see the changes in people's lives, who would not have had any other place to turn to, who have often found other life friends.  Our group is not without its flaws, but considering that it's all volunteer, considering that it's only people who are trying their best, those flaws are insignificant.  I am grateful for all the friends that I've made as a result of it.

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