Sunday, September 8, 2013

Provo Pride!

If you haven't heard, Provo is having it's first Pride festival.  Check it out here. The idea hatched just a few months ago, with the committee putting in many hours of work each week to make the thing a success.  The community has been quite supportive of their group.  We will, of course, be there, as the Postmos group has helped Provo Pride in whatever ways we could.  The event is on September 21st, from 10am to 8pm.  It corresponds with the BYU-Utah Rivalry game.  That was completely done on purpose, to get as many people out there as possible.  The Provo Pride committee has done a good job in getting information out to the presses and to the community, so that many people are very enthused about this event.  I'm excited as well.  We wish them all the success that we can!

Corresponding with Provo Pride, we also plan on having a lecturer by someone who went through Evergreen the week of the event.  Evergreen was (is?) the LDS church's gay rehabilitation program.  To keep the tone as positive and welcoming as possible, we're currently trying to find a second speaker who is still LDS or is considered a success story (no promises there).  For this event, we will likely offer three lectures, one day, one evening at UVU, and one at the U of U.  More information to come on this soon!

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