Sunday, February 9, 2014

If they had nothing to fear...

why would they hide information?

This is, in my opinion, one of the great indicators that the LDS Church is threatened by the Tom Phillips lawsuit against them.

The website that helps the Church receive an extra 20% from charitable donations of the UK government, was removed yesterday.  I, literally, was looking at it yesterday when I published the previous post in this blog.

Why is that important?  Because the LDS Church in the UK receives matched donations from the UK government.  That may have some relevance on the case, since, fundamentally, the case is reclaiming tithing that was lost due to fraud.

Now, the LDS Church wouldn't remove it if it wasn't at least a little bit concerned about the case.

Two things to note:

1) Many people are stating that the LDS Church is different from other churches in that it is a corporation.  In my understanding, all entities registered with the government are corporations, including churches.  The difference between the LDS Church and others is that it is a sole-corporation, which means that the head of it, Thomas Monson, is responsible instead of a board of trustees.

2) You can sue for beliefs.  Imagine this hypothetical -- if a child was taught, and convinced that there was a Santa Claus for 18 years, and his/her parents did all they could to make sure that that child believed in Santa Claus, then that belief would likely have caused harm in the life of the child.  I would highly expect a lawsuit to be able to win in such a case.  There are countless examples of where simply claiming to believe something does not absolve responsibility from the party who did the convincing, which may be a topic for later.

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