Monday, January 21, 2013

Coffee Sundays

We hold coffee every Sunday at 1pm, at Kafeneio, 258W 3300S, Salt Lake City, Utah. Everyone is welcome.

What can you expect from Coffee Sundays?  Enjoyable, friendly people and conversation.  In one corner, you'll have someone pouring out their heart about how their family no longer speaks to them, while in another corner you'll have a group of people trying to make someone laugh.  There is no agenda here - there isn't much that won't come up.  You may hear about the inconsistencies of the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith, or you may hear about politics, sports, dancing, drinking, video games or someone's latest adventure. 

What's the point of Coffee Sundays?  It's fun to just get together and meet other people, to just shoot the breeze, or to plan the next excursion to Wendover or camping.  When leaving the church, family and friends will sometimes turn their back on you, so it's nice to have a place to go where you can simply meet new people.  The courage that I gained from meeting other exmormons for the first time was completely life-changing.

Come join us, and you'll have a good time!

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